In the workshop stretching "Sirens"

This second gallery of work contains more paintings featuring the striped, peaked tents,  and all feature a teal blue sky. Like most of my work, these paintings occupy a cerebral, mythic landscape, full of reality and dreams. The introspective girls and women in my paintings make us ask, “What are they thinking?”  Their placement in such lush, enigmatic settings questions, “Why are we here?”

Linda H. Post


The largest of this series painted on wooden panels, "Golden Days" is 60”W x 42”H. It also offers the first glimpse of the interior of one of the striped tents. The dark figure inside the tent is an older alter-ego of the girl in the foreground.

One of the few paintings in this series that positions two figures in companionable juxtaposition, these dramatically lit adolescent girls gaze downward as they walk away from the tents. "Secrets of the Tides" is 24"W x 36"H.

Two young girls stand in a meadow as the first stars come out, trees and tents silhouetted against the teal sky. One tells a story; the other looks away, but you know she is listening. "Twilight Revelation" is an intimate oil on wood panel,14" x 11". SOLD

This young girl posed for my paintings from age 10 to 15. Here she is in full adolescence, her thoughts in a secret place. The intensely blue sky shows the remnants of a faded rainbow. In the distance, children play ring-a-rosy and striped tents catch the warm light. "Summer Redundant" is an oil on wood, 24"W x 36"H.

The raven in this painting is a bearer of gifts. In mythology, the raven signifies magic, prophecy and good luck - and is often the bearer of messages from the gods to the mortal world. The volume and expression of the figure's hands and arms were integral to this painting. The contrast between the warmth of her flesh and the deep, cool background color created a wonderfully three-dimensional composition. Oil on canvas, 30" x 40". Read my blog posts about this work here.

The light turquoise of the hand-forged tete-a-tete bench, the book cover and the sky give this painting its luminosity. The model's platinum hair, stripes and extensive tattoos lend a "disco" accent to the salt marsh setting. "Beach and Disco" (which is also the title of her book) is an oil on linen, 40" x 52".

So far this is my most ambitious painting, with four figures and four birds unscrolling across an eleven-foot expanse of blue sky and green meadow. Two striped tents anchor the left edge, while a figure with a winged helmet perches on the railing of an elaborate gazebo. "The Procession of Hope and Feathers" takes its title from a poem by Emily Dickinson. Oil on linen, it is 131" x 68". 

The Procession of Hope and Feathers

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