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I make paintings of powerful women, the sea, mysterious encounters, and uncommon places. These works occupy a cerebral, mythic narrative.

Most of the settings of my paintings are imaginary places of reflection and contemplation. I combine landscapes, seascapes, people, architecture, and details that have never existed together in reality. In my larger work, my viewpoint is often just outside the picture plane – one more step and you enter the painting.

Birds, especially seabirds, have long been choreographed into my work, sometimes as companions, other times as avatars of change, growth, or escape. The conjunction of women and birds placed in enigmatic landscapes evokes an especially vivid dream.

Paintings range from $1,800 to $60,000
Pastels start at $1,200
Monotypes from $500 to $1,350


by Editor Brian Goslow in Artscope Magazine, July/August 2023

"My favorite work in the exhibition was Linda Post’s “The Willing Suspension of Disbelief”, a large 72” x 53” oil on linen canvas painting truly enhanced by its huge size that fully allows one to see features that wouldn’t have been apparent looking at a digital image. Not only do you feel the intense presence of two women leaning against an aging fence - one holding a seagull while a second gull, it’s open beak seemingly smiling as its red eye looks out at the viewer - but four tents, the event they’ve been raised for unapparent.


Post said that the "surreal, shape-shifting tents" are one of the dreamlike places that occur often in her work... In the back of the painting a couple sits around a campfire, their attention alternating between each other and the rising moon. "When I began this painting, it was a sunset. By the end it was a moonrise," says Post. "Things change." The Danforth's annual juried show will always leave me with several artists whose work I will be following for years to come."


View the exhibit "The Willing Suspension of Disbelief" with narration by artist Linda H. Post at R. Michelson Galleries

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