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The women and girls in my paintings live in the seascapes of my childhood, colored by my memories. Almost all of the paintings on this page feature companion birds. Much of the recent work depicts figures that are life-sized or larger. The viewpoint is often just outside the picture plane – one more step and you are inside. Read about the creative process of much of my work in my online journal. Many of these paintings can be purchased as signed, limited edition fine art prints.

Linda H. Post


Stretching "The Willing Suspension of Disbelief"

I have included birds in my work for a long time.  They can act as a major character in the narrative, like this talking seagull. The conjunction of women and birds evokes an especially vivid dream. Birds are sometimes companions, other times avatars of change, growth, or escape. "Speaking the Language of Birds" is 75" x 48", oil on linen.

The woman in the foreground exudes both serenity and power. At 72" high by 84" wide, the scale of "Sirens" is larger than life, giving the sense that one could walk right into the world depicted in this painting. The vivid red began as the underpainting to a blue sky, but the cadmium set off the figures so brilliantly that the red became permanent.

The two adolescent girls in “Birdwatchers of Chappaquiddick” are very present and watchful, in every sense of the word. The salt grasses and sand dunes leading to the sea hold mystery and adventure beyond their stone wall. One bird is safely  cradled while the other, flying from the open sea beyond, alights on the wall. 76" x 31", oil on linen.

The young woman on the right, leaning against the fence, is the anchor in reality for this piece. I think of the girl in the tutu cradling a seagull as an apparition, along with the glowing tents. After I stretched this painting, I re-imagined and repainted all of the tents. To see its progress, read my blog posts, starting here. 72" x 53", oil on linen.

The raven in this painting is a bearer of gifts. In mythology, the raven signifies magic, prophecy and good luck - and is often the bearer of messages from the gods to the mortal world. The volume and expression of the figure's hands and arms were integral to this painting. The contrast between the warmth of her flesh and the deep, cool background color created a wonderfully three-dimensional composition. Oil on canvas, 30" x 40".

The young girl stands her ground, gazing up at the menacing yellow sky, the black clouds, the swirling twisters. The striped tents have come untethered and are caught up in the maelstrom. Is it a dream? "Tempest" is an oil on panel, 36" x 24".

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