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RAW Art Review, Winter 2023. Featured artist, five pages of color images.

Artscope Magazine, July/August 2023. “Danforth’s Annual Shows Not So Quiet Social Activism”, Brian Goslow. 4 pages. Feature image: The Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

Color Catalogue for 2023 American Women Artists Exhibition, Brookgreen Gardens Museum, SC. Featured image: Tempest.

Fine Art Collector Magazine, April 2023. "A Quiet Stillness". Feature image Aurora

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Nov/Dec 2022. "Figures in Costume". Feature image Soliloquy.

Juniper Rag, Fall 2022. "Outrage". Feature image Tempest.

The Artful Mind, October 2022. The Raven's Gift cover story, illustrated color pages 22-27

Art New England, July/August 2019. "Art Seen", page 104.

Springfield Republican, April 27, 2019. "Linda Post artwork featured at R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton". Cori Urban, Page B1.


Preview Magazine, April 2019. "The Business of Art". Christin Howard, pages 13, 14.

Artful Mind, May 2017. "Speaking the Language of Birds". Harryet Candee, page 66.

Preview Magazine, May 2016. "People: Linda Post" by James Heflin, page 38.

Poets and Artists Magazine, August 2012.  Pages 6-10, color portfolio.

Catalogue for Amherst Art Biennial, October 2010. Reproduction of Balancing Act.

EPOCH Magazine, Cornell University, Volume 58, Number 3: 2010. Cover image

Catalogue for solo exhibit "Balancing Acts". 24 pages, color.

American Art Collector, November 2008. “Linda Post: Balancing Acts”. Michelle Borgwardt, pages 176-177. Illustrated

Preview Magazine, October 2008. “People View: Linda Post Talks Arts and Adolescence”. Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser, page 4, 5 and 52.

Daily Hampshire Gazette, October 23, 2008. “Northampton Artist Celebrates the In-Between Spaces”. Phoebe Mitchell, page C7.

In The Spotlight, September 19, 2008. “Linda Post: Major Exhibit”. Shera Cohen, online review. Illustrated

Artful Mind, August 2008.  “Celebrating Art with Linda Post”. Kerry O’Keefe, cover story; pages 14-16.  Illustrated

The Womens Times,  July 2008. “Girls of Summer”

ArtsMedia, September 2003. “Portable Paradise”, Cover story. Pages 23-25

Artful Mind, July 2001. “A Visual Journey with Artist Linda Post”. Nanci Race, pages 24, 25.  Illustrated.

American Artist Magazine, April 1998. “Where Artists Get Their Ideas”. Christopher Willard, pages 10-15. Color reproductions of “Benediction and “Elana’'s Dream”.

Catalogue for Figure and Fantasy; 1998.  Chase Gallery, Boston, MA. Color reproduction of “Learning to Fly”.

Return of the Great Goddess, Stewart, Tabori and Chang. 1997. Color Cover of “Air”.

Return of the Goddess, 1993, 1997, 2000. Engagement Calendar. Year 1993: Cover, “Air”. Year 1997 Cover "Solstice". Inside art "Self-Portrait"; Year 2000 inside: “The Wreckage of Eggs and Fishes”;  “Sun Worshipper”.

Sunday Republican, November 19, 1995. "Photos, Dreamscapes offered in exhibitions". Gloria Russell, page D2.



Daily Hampshire Gazette, November 2, 1995.  Page 1 ("This is not the whole picture"); page 21, "Floating Along Over The Valley". Ali Crolius.

Ozzie Award for Publication Design Excellence: for The Gettysburg Review, Fall 1991, Best Cover Design. 1992.


Gettysburg Review, Autumn 1991. Color cover, color portfolio pages 657-664, 708.

The Sunday Republican, April 28, 1991. "At Wistariahurst, Art Exhibits Explore Ambiguity". Gloria Russell, page D5.

Catalogue for "Salon 1990: The Human Figure In New Painting And Sculpture". New York Academy of Art, New York, NY.

Daily Hampshire Gazette, November 15, 1989.  "Linda Horvitz Post". Patricia Wright, page 22.

The Valley Advocate, April 25, 1988.  "Fish In Space". Lorna Ritz, page 8.

Daily Hampshire Gazette, March 25, 1988.  "New Works By Post". Page 17     

The Boston Globe, July 5, 1985.  "In Lincoln, The Range Is Wide, The Quality Is High". Christine Temin, page 45.

The Sunday Republican, April 28, 1985.  "Exciting Northampton Shows", Gloria Russell, page F16.
The New York Times, October 12, 1984.  "Art..."  John Russell,  page C22.    

The Valley Advocate, December 7, 1983. "Post Marks". Laura Holland . page 29A.
Catalogues for the Springfield Art League National Exhibitions,  Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA. 1983 and 1990.

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