detail: "Fire on the Beach"

The turbulence of youth, when relationships ebb and flow like the tide, changing with the weather. When the innocence and clarity of childhood is overturned by storm-tossed changes in mind and body.

Linda H. Post


detail, "Fire on the Beach", 14" x 11"

This very horizontal wood panel was given to me by a fellow artist, and I puzzled over my composition for quite a while. "Listen to the Sea" is 24" x 12", a paean to the end of a long summer's day by the ocean. SOLD

This girl walks alone, slipping on a tee shirt as the day cools down. This painting is a cross between my printmaking and painting styles, looser and more spontaneous.

"In the Cool Blue of the Day" is 11" x 14", oil on wood panel.

"Deceptive Waters" is 30" x 24", oil on panel. The glowing, tranquil seascape is a composite of Bass River and Mayflower Beach on Cape Cod, lit by the setting sun.

This was the first painting that featured the striped tents of Chappaquiddick, hence its title. An eerie light casts the long shadows of late afternoon. A storm is brewing on the horizon. "Chappaquiddick" is oil on wood panel, 30" x 24".

The young girl stands her ground, gazing up at the menacing yellow sky, the black clouds, the swirling twisters. The striped tents have come untethered and are caught up in the maelstrom. Is it a dream? "Tempest" is an oil on panel, 36" x 24".

This lighthouse at the end of the long stone jetty actually exists in Rockland, Maine. The body language of both figures in "A Gathering Storm" is very expressive. The painting is a 24" x 30" oil on panel. 

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