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Four Square

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

This new project - a series of 16" square paintings on wood panels - has challenged me to work in a much smaller format. Each of these is clearly its own singular entity, while as a group they tell a more complex story.

2021 may be my year of small paintings. I can visualize a show of them when I complete the cycle.

I have completed the first two: Across the Sea of Time and Life is a Carnival. The third is more than half done, but still untitled. It is set off the coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, just like Across the Sea of Time. Three magpies circle over the central figure as the sun sets into the sea.

The fourth painting is just at the sketch stage. It features Allison, the young woman in the red tutu from The Procession of Hope and Feathers.

Monkey Island, in the background, is also from Guanacaste. It's certainly obvious how it got its name. Pelicans are her traveling companions. I've always been quite taken with the look of pelicans - huge prehistoric birds, always flying in strict formation, using their beaks as very efficient fishing nets.

I have two more 16" primed, cradled square panels in my studio. I also have two 24" squares, if I want to start working a little bigger.

The 138" painting is still tacked to my wall. I can't take it down to be stretched until it's safe to bring it into the frame workshop with other people to help me.

So I am making good use of my trusty easel now, and enjoying being able to say DONE! after a much shorter period of time.

These will go up on my website once they have been photographed professionally. Meanwhile, you can see their progress here.

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