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Storks. In Perfect Phalanx!

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

This recent series of 16" square oil paintings of birds and women by the sea is complete, at number six. Working small has been like taking a breath of air, after more than five years of painting in large - and ever larger - scale. Here's a snapshot off my easel.

In Across the Sea of Time I depicted a Wood Stork. This piece, Fledgling, features Painted Storks. All storks are perceived as avatars of good fortune and abundance in mythology and culture. Although a bit clumsy on land, these huge birds glide in flight, soaring effortlessly through the air. A flock of storks is called a phalanx. John Milton wrote in Paradise Lost:

Anon they move

In perfect phalanx, to the Dorian mood

Of flutes and soft recorders.

Of course, storks are quite silent. No bird calls (or flutes). Below is the series of six paintings, all together. Storks, seagulls, ring-necked magpies, flamingos and pelicans. Do email me if one of these paintings interests you, and I can let you know if it is available.

At 24" square, I am moving (a little) larger in scale again with my next painting. Here are some of the elements, from recent travels, that I'm playing with in early sketches. A wooden chair, carved and painted island-style. A rocky, odd-shaped islet. Egrets!

The egret is patient, peaceful and calm. It stands for autonomy, persistence, purity, and longevity. We could all learn from the egret how to stand still, quiet and watchful, applying restraint until the perfect situation reveals itself. If an artist had to pick a spirit animal, the egret would be an ideal choice.

I'm looking forward to this new project, and I'm happy to have you along on my journey. Please visit my website, and feel free to share my e-newsletters with friends, family, colleagues, or on social media. Anyone can sign up here to get on my list. I only send out emails when I have some progress to share, maybe 6 or 7 times a year.

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