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A New Platform

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Up on the new platform, red skies ahead.

January, February, March - it seemed to go by in a blur. A vacation, a shoulder injury and my "day job" at Paradise City Arts Festivals all conspired to limit my studio time. But this month I worked on "Speaking The Language of Birds" on the easel, and it's almost done. The final layers always bring a more three-dimensional aspect to any painting.

And today I climbed up on my new platform to start working from the top on this very large new painting. It's a 4-foot by 2-foot by 30" tall steel platform on wheels, with three steps and a guardrail all around. I don't like heights, and this is a way for me to feel safe and comfortable working so big on the wall. I painted the base layer of the sky in cadmium red. Although I think the sky will wind up blue when I'm finished, the red provides a base glow that makes the final layers more luminous.

A comfortable painting position!

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