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A Willing Suspension of Disbelief

This painting has been fleshing itself out (seriously, I've been working on some of the flesh) and I now have a working title. It's "A Willing Suspension of Disbelief", a phrase written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge about what constitutes poetic faith. In this case, it's about how one creates a perception of reality wholly based in the imagination.

Progress on a painting by Linda H. Post as of 11/11/18

This is a pretty complex project. Not just the painting itself, which has a lot of moving parts and hard-to-paint details, but making the concept work.

Turning the red sky into sky-blue-pink (I love this phrase, it's one my mother used all the time) is ongoing and an education in mixing colors. The setting sun has now become a rising moon. I look forward to working on the skin of the figure on the right - she is really just an underpainting at present. I'm still not entirely certain where the edges of the painting will end - it does extend further than shown here.

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