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A Story in Sixteen Inches

This is the second in a new series of 16" square paintings on wood panels. I don't often work in a square format, but I do like the composition of these small paintings. I'm about to start #3. The original inspiration for this one was several snapshots I took of a little girl running on a golf course by the sea in Bermuda, back when traveling was still an option.

This is the scale.

Here is the black & white sketch I started with.

Skies are usually my forte, but this one took longer than anything else in the painting. It probably has about five layers of oil paint, glazes and scumbling.

"Life is a Carnival" is the working title - but by the time it dries I may settle on a different one. I've been reading Levon Helm's autobiography and his very subjective history of The Band - Life is a Carnival is one of their signature songs.

You can walk on the water Drown in the sand You can fly off a mountaintop If anybody can

Run away, run away (run away, run away) It's the restless age Look away, look away (look away, look away) You can turn the page

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