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Costa Rica Dreams

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The fourth 16" square oil painting in this series is halfway finished. The first three have been professionally photographed. Take a look!

They are Guanacaste, Life is a Carnival, and Across the Sea of Time. I don't yet have a title for the painting on my easel, but here it is, in process. The island is blocked in, and the pelicans are coming into focus. The unpainted area on the bottom right is the brilliant red tutu - my next step. I'm always blown away by the contrast in scale - just a tiny detail is visible of The Procession of Hope and Feathers, still tacked to the wall.

Three of these four square paintings depict the Pacific coastline of Costa Rica, with its hairy, rounded islets and native birds. This islet, commonly called Monkey Island, is becoming quite recognizable.

Where will I go from here? Another 16" square? Shall I stay in Costa Rica?

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