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It's The Little Things

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

No more than 15" in any dimension was the criteria for the National Association of Women Artists' juried "WINTER SMALL WORKS" exhibit through Feb. 28. Looking through my flat files, I came across an unfinished painting, just 9" x 12". Onto the easel it went, and soon it became “On the Edge of the World”. It is online here in the Small Works show, and the price includes framing (which at 11" x 14" is STILL under 15") and shipping. Remember, all purchases from this show help support the careers and promotion of professional women artists in the USA.

This piece is from my ongoing series portraying young girls coming of age. My subjects are often on the cusp of change. They are contemplating their futures, preparing their imaginations – and their lives – to take flight. Within these girls lies the power to achieve their dreams.


My painting Tempest was accepted into AWA's 2023 museum exhibition Pushing Forward Reaching Back at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina, May 13-July 23, 2023. Since its inception, American Women Artists has worked diligently to bring women artists to the attention of the art world through museum shows, juried competitions in leading galleries around the country, symposiums, workshops, and international travel and exhibitions.

33 Contemporary Gallery

M O (U) R N I N G

Opening April 1, this exhibit of works depicting both "morning" and "mourning" was curated by Didi Menendez of Poets/Artists. Asked for a statement by American Art Collector Magazine, I wrote:

I grew up along the New England coast, traveled the seas, and have always felt the ocean to be a magical place. I am stirred by the endless sky and the perfect light. Birds have long been choreographed into my work, sometimes as companions, other times as avatars of change, growth, or escape. The conjunction of women and birds placed in enigmatic landscapes and seascapes evokes an especially vivid dream.

There is a quotation by Terry Tempest Williams, from "When Women Were Birds" which expresses quite well Aurora’s inspiration by both “morning” and “mourning”.

"Once upon a time, when women were birds, there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten, that the world is meant to be celebrated.”

The woman in this pastel raises her arms to embrace the dawn at sea, accompanied by seabirds, her face lit by the rising sun. As she greets the new day, a part of her remembers when women were birds, and mourns that existential loss.

Speaking of birds, I am now channeling swans. Two of my paintings in progress feature swans, known for their beauty, elegance, and grace. The swan is a large waterfowl that has the ability to swim and fly with incredible speed and agility. This bird is also highly intelligent, and very devoted to its mate and offspring.

I'm looking forward to spring, and to these upcoming and ongoing exhibitions. Thank you for following me, and please feel free to share my posts and emails with your friends, family and colleagues.



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