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Now for something completely different...

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

This is Soliloquy. The fifth in my series of 16" square oil paintings. The setting is still Guanacaste, Costa Rica, loosely based on a photo I took while sailing into the sunset. The exotic birds are flamingos. (How often do you see a flamingo fly? Usually they seem to spend their time wading.)

My imagination was captured by this non-traditional harlequin costume. My model Amanda (who looks somewhat gender-neutral in this painting) is dressed in ruffles, patterns, flounces and tattoos.

This is where it began.

There is another series I did that is reminiscent of this imagery.

This is Harlequin Dancers, a pastel on paper. Next is Carousel Rider, oil on wood. And all the striped tents and carousels in many of my recent paintings are related to this new one.

Maybe Soliloquy isn't something completely different after all.

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