• Linda H. Post

Past and Future Lives

At the start of this new year, I find myself reflecting on work that sold long ago to mostly private collectors. I don't expect to see many of those pieces ever again. I've been contemplating offering signed and numbered archival prints of selected pastels and paintings, both past and current. I have posted some of these on Instagram and Facebook. Around 1990, I completed a set of large (50" x 42") pastels on the theme The Elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. All sold except Earth, which I retained for my personal collection. They are all self-portraits.

I received a commission to create a second version of Water for another collector.

My followers on social media were enthusiastic about all of The Elements. But the posted work that received the biggest response was Solstice, a 51" x 63" oil painting on linen. Solstice was the cover image for an issue of The Gettysburg Review, which featured a color portfolio inside of my work - including most of The Elements.

As I went through the digital archives of my past work, it was a revelation that so very many pieces are out in the world and out of reach - literally hundreds. But I am looking forward to sharing some of them again by making high-quality prints available.

Perhaps this "lost year" of 2020 has been productive in unanticipated ways.

Looking forward to new work, lots of changes, and fresh endeavors in 2021. Cheers!

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