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Past Lives

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Creating archival prints from my work has been a learning experience. I worked closely with my long-time photographer, Stephen Petegorsky, as he printed my images. The result, even to my super-critical eye, is breathtaking color and a tactile quality that makes you feel like pastel dust or fresh paint will come off on your hand if you touch it. (No, of course it won't!) Also, delving back into a storehouse of images, some of which I haven't seen in years, was pretty eye-opening.

I have always worked in series. One leads to another, and you never know where they will take you. When deciding which of hundreds of paintings and pastels I would select to offer as print editions, I actually had to divide them up into sections. See below:

Of course, there is always some overlap. As my figures leapt into the sky, dove into the sea, communed with birds and swam with fish, some of them also straddled my named sections.

How do you picture what these prints will look like in your own home? Each print I offer is illustrated with one or more photographs of a framed version hanging in a room. Some rooms are easy to relate to, while others are spectacular modern beach houses. If you live in the latter, maybe I can move in with you!

Now that my site is up and working smoothly, it's time for me to return to painting. I have one on the easel now, another Costa Rica setting with storks. Can't wait to work on it! You'll have to wait a bit to see the progress, until my next post.

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