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Placing Art in a Room

Much of my art is large in scale and full of color. How will it look in a room?

I'll start with my oil painting Sirens. Six feet by seven feet, it calls for a ceiling at least ten feet tall, with some space on either side so it can breathe. I think it would also look great on a darker wall, perhaps a light to medium gray.

Wake is a framed pastel on paper, 45" x 51". This warm, rustic living room is a great setting. The texture of the furniture and the wood accents really fit the swirling, gestural strokes of the pastel. Because it's slightly vertical, it brings your eye up to the beams.

The deep glowing colors of Golden Days bring a lift to this modernist white room. Hanging over a gas fireplace just accentuates the fiery pigments of this 60" x 42" oil on wood panel. In a traditional room decorated in dark, warm colors the painting would recede more into the background.

A city apartment with medium-size rooms and 8 foot ceilings can easily show off a big piece of art. This is Birdwatchers of Chappaquiddick, oil on linen, 76" wide. The secret is its 31" height, which allows lots of space around it.

This stunning beach house is a place where I can imagine many of my paintings hanging. Beach and Disco is on the right, Chappaquiddick on the left. The blues and greens of both pieces mirror and reflect the colors of the sea, just off the deck.

The deep, soft grays and taupes of this family room call out for art with a good deal of content and color. The Willing Suspension of Disbelief draws your attention with its magic realist imagery, the glowing sunset and the larger-than-life figures.

The last one for today is Fever Dream. More than seven feet wide, it commands its space. The elaborately draped and richly colored Bedouin tent, the footsteps in the sand, and the scale of the figures creates the impression that you can walk right inside.


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