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Six Squares x 16

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

There is something calming and predictable about a square. Right angles, equal sides. In a painting, the composition can be... well... very composed. As I begin my sixth 16" square painting in this series, I'm finding the concept of working within a square easier.

Here it is at the very beginning.

I've come back to storks. I used one in my first painting in this series, Across the Sea of Time. Storks are silent and powerful. They can make some rudimentary sounds, but don’t do so often. They say what’s needed in the way they fly or through subtle body language. When a Stork circles you in a dream, you’ll see the restoration of calm and self-confidence. An old folktale claims the spirit of unborn children wait in bodies of water where storks frequent. So, in passing, the stork could gently lift the child and transport it home safely.

I decided to start by painting the birds. I usually start with the sky, since it defines the negative areas. This sky will be fairly complex, lots of rosy clouds and layers of color. Those hairy, rounded islands of Costa Rica will be silhouetted against the sky.

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