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Women Painting Women (and birds)

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The art of women is integral to our collective history. Women have an illustrious pedigree as models - but not nearly what they deserve as art creators. In my lifetime there has been an effort to correct this inequality, but as with most women's rights, crediting our accomplishments has been an uphill battle.

I placed this 11" x 14" oil painting, In the Cool Blue of the Day, in the online "Summer Small Works" exhibit hosted by the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA)

A percentage of all sales supports this essential organization.


Packed it up and sent it on to its new home in New York. An extra special sale, since it helps support and promote all women artists.

NAWA selects a member artist to profile periodically, online and on social media. My work was featured in an online piece in June, a snippet of which is shown here.

Thank you, NAWA, for promoting a new member!

Wondering where I am with the 24" square egret painting? Sometimes you need to step away, let a painting breathe. I left it on the easel at the end of April. In early June, when I came back to it, there were changes in the air. I woke up the next morning from a dream, and knew what I had to do. I sanded down the two flying birds and sketched in a much larger egret, taking off into the sky. It not only created a much-needed focal point, but provided an additional aura of mystery.

Scroll through to see the evolution. Once the large bird was added, the bending girl feeding the birds lost her place in the narrative. I took a deep breath and simply painted her out! Now there's an egret lifting off from the grasses, which brings your eye around and lends perspective.

Guess it's time to get back to work on that complicated chair. Actually, this is an unusually meditative painting, with the soft, glowing sky, the beach, the elegant white birds, and the serene young woman looking very much at home in her own skin. Summer dreams.

Summer also brings to mind all the large water pieces I've created over the years in pastel. The originals are mostly sold, but if you love the sea, think about one of my archival limited edition prints. This is "Water I", from The Elements. You can live with summertime all year round!

I love sharing, so please give this link to others - artists, collectors, curators, galleries, actually anyone who loves art and wants to learn more about the process. Thank you for following me along on my progress in the studio. I hope the egret painting will be finished by the time my next newsletter comes around.



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