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Bearing Gifts

The Bearer of Gifts, oil on canvas

I started thinking about this painting - actually, dreaming it - last winter, in January. I didn't draw it onto canvas until almost May. Now it's July, and it's done!

Since my last post, I had to make a decision about Adriana's dress. I wanted a bit of yellow, to bounce off the teal blue background. The deep shadows called for a pool of plummy purple. I also created some patterning in the cloth.

The volume and expression of her hands and arms were integral to this painting. The contrast between the warmth of her flesh and the deep, cool background color created a wonderfully three-dimensional composition.

I posted an interim image of this painting on Facebook. The response was amazing - and so many questions. It obviously struck a chord. All of my work is an attempt to reach someplace deep inside, to trigger a memory, a dream.

The new one is 30" x 40". Sirens, on the big wall, is 84" x 72".

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