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Hit Pause. Paint a Square.

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The nude in the foreground is painted mostly from my imagination. I taught figure drawing from models for many years, so anatomy is imprinted in my brain. The wood stork in flight is native to Costa Rica, as are these hairy, hilly islands in the sea.

I rarely paint in a square format. This is a 16" square cradled panel. I have another square panel, the same size. I have already begun sketches for that one. After the mural-size painting that I just completed last month, I needed a breather. A pause. I'm looking forward to a series of easel-size projects, each small enough to finish in a few weeks time. Where will they lead me? Quite possibly to an idea for another big one. When I'm ready.

I titled this painting "Across the Sea of Time".

A view of part of my studio painting wall, which is about 14 feet wide. The panorama camera view makes it look curved, but it is a straight wall.

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