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How To Complete A Painting

Remember the unfinished painting that my solo exhibit at R. Michelson Galleries, The Willing Suspension of Disbelief, was organized around? When the show came down, the painting returned to my studio for some finishing touches. Once it was back on my wall, I realized that there were still some major elements that had to be changed.

That's the thing about sending art out into the world. You look at everything with a fresh perspective. The sky was desperate for more definition. The tents were lined up like soldiers in a row - I had to start from scratch on those, redraw them, add more luminosity. The wooden fence lacked the detail to support the figures. The birds needed more volume and shadow. And so on.

Now I know The Willing Suspension of Disbelief is complete. Perhaps it will go out into the world again sometime soon!

The image below is the painting as it was exhibited in May. Most gallery patrons thought it was finished - they couldn't see the changes that had to be made. Do you see the difference?

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